Schreibt AUF ENGLISCH über euer Weihnachten!

Schreibt AUF ENGLISCH über euer Weihnachten!

Ich hatte eine Idee. Darauf hat mich mein Englisch Lehrer gebracht. Schreibt auf Englisch über euer Weihnachten. Was ihr gemacht habt und so weiter!
Hier ist mein Text: (Sorry wegen der Fehler, ich kann Englisch noch nicht sooo gut!)

My christmas was very good. I liked it so much! In the beginning, we sang. My mum sings very much when it's christmas. My dad don't celebrate christmas, because he is muslim, but he comes with us to the church and he's always very happy and makes presents. It's an african church, so we must drive a very long time, because I live in a small village and the church is in a big town. We wear very beautiful clothes with many colours. On our way back in the car we sang all the songs from the church, because it's very fun. After the church, I played piano and we opened the presents. I got 5 books, winter clothes, a Chess board, a 3D Puzzle from Disney and Disney figures and something for my desk. My present for my parents was a newspaper. I wrote the newspaper by myself and it's about our family and our year 2021. And I made a joke: At first I gave my parents only 1€. They asked: "Why do you give us 1€?" I said nothing and then I made a little newspaper shop. I shouted: "One newspaper for 1€!" They understood and bought the newspaper. This was my real present (not the 1€). My parents loved the newspaper. My brother got a game, clothes, an alarm clock, which makes sunlight when you wake up and a book. We had a lot of time to play with the new things and read the new books. We listened to music and my mum was singing all the time. After that we ate dinner. It was Fufu with goat. But I don't eat meat, it was only Fufu for me. It was served in a peanut soup which was very spicy. It was great and I loved it. We ate chocolate, too. The next days, we went to the neighbours and rang the door. We had presents and food for them because they are our friends. I had a present for my cat, too. It was a toy what I made.

Eintrag von Candy crush am 05. Januar 2022

On Christmas we went for a walk at 5 p.m. in a park. At 6 p.m. we were back again.
Then I had to go into the room half an hour later, there was raclette to eat.
Then we rolled the dice everyone had a number. I was 3, my mother was 4 and my father was 5 for the other numbers you had to do something. At midnight we went to sleep.

Your CandyCrush

Eintrag von Niah am 06. Januar 2022

@CandyCrush: I am very happy that your Christmas was good. But I don't understand the number game. Can you say it again, please?

Eintrag von Zia_Cookie am 07. Januar 2022

Ich finde die Idee gut, ich liebe es auf Englisch zu schreiben!
Ich habe ein paar Wörter auf Deutsch geschrieben, weil ich sie nicht auf Englisch kenne. Ich hätte nachschauen können, aber dann wäre es vielleicht falsch gewesen und keiner hätte gewusst, was ich meine.

I celebrated Christmas with my family, like every year. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
I spent December 24th with my mother, grandparents (they live in the same house), sister, my aunt and my cousin.
My dad wanted be home too. He lives in a different "Bundesland" because of his work. He was not allowed to come home because of quarantine. That's sad, one day before he wanted to drive home, he got a call that he's a contact person of someone with Covid.
We celebrate Christmas very traditionally: Christmas songs, praying, reading "Weihnachtsevangelium" from the Bible. (That's where Maria and Josef go to Bethlehem and then Jesus is born) Then we get presents!
After that, there is dinner and then we play with our presents and we sit next to the Christmas tree.

December 25th, I celebrated with my mother, grandparents, sister and my other aunt and other cousin. After lunch I read a new book and my cousin showed me her presents.

Eintrag von Zia_Cookie am 07. Januar 2022

Niah, your Christmas sounds very beautiful too! I have watched some videos from African church celebrations and they looked very beautiful.
Which songs does your family sing for Christmas? Do you sing German songs or African songs?

Eintrag von Candy crush am 07. Januar 2022

We threw the dice after each other and with a 3 I was allowed to unpack something. With a 4 my mother, with a 5 my father

Eintrag von GHG am 07. Januar 2022

Hey Niah,
What's up? My Christmas was good, because I went outside, but I didn't get presents. I was by my girlfriend, she said I can come for a sleepover. Wwe played Monopoly together. My Christmas was not so funny, because my mom took my phone and the PS4 away. I had a nice time by playing Roblox. xD

Eintrag von Feuerstern am 19. Januar 2022

Hello Niah, I think your idea is very good. In the morning we prepared everything for the evening. This year we only celebrated in a small circle. Then around 4:00 pm my mother tried to distract me (I saw through everything, of course) and after that the presents were under the tree. After that we ate cake and then we were allowed to open our presents. Then at 7:00 pm there was dinner. That was my Christmas. Greetings, your Feuerstern.

Eintrag von Hannibal Bond 777 007 am 30. November 2023

Hi Niah,
I like your idea. It's pretty good.

My Christmas is always very good and contemplative.
In the morning I wake up early. Because I love Christmas,the birth of our saviour Jesus. First we go to the church and celebrate a holy mass. After that we have a special food. It's always different,what we're eating. Our parents give us our present and it is a festival where you can feel warmth, closeness and being together. And of course we celebrate the birth of our King Jesus. I love you Jesus! ❤️ and 1,2 days after Christmas I can feel the warmth,closeness and being together. I love that. Sometimes we celebrate christmas with friends.

Eintrag von Timi am 09. Dezember 2023

We always celebrate Christmas on December 24th, 25th and 26th. On Christmas Evening, it's the biggest and most important part of the celebrations. We have a decorated tree at home. My family reads the evangelium, prays together and sings traditional Christmas songs, and someone plays the guitar. We used to have piano too, but the family member who could play piano is very sadly not here anymore. This is becoming very sad suddenly, so let's skip a little bit.
After the celebration (that usually goes for 1 hour) there's dinner. Some people in my family ALWAYS eat fish and white bread. On Christmas Evening they always eat the same, particular type of fish.
After dinner, we stay together around the Christmas tree, play with presents, eat chocolate from the tree...
December 25th is a more "free time", I mean there is no exact plan what we do. Except for lunch. There is a different type of fish, but always the same. Some family members (yes, the same who eat fish on Christmas Evening), always eat this different fish on Christmas DAY too. For these family members, Christmas is a very "fishy" holiday, we could say.
The rest of the day, everyone can do what they like. My mum usually takes a nap because she cooked the fish.
I often read my new books or play with new toys (that I got for Christmas).
On December 26th my dad and sometimes my siblings too, go visit some other family members. And we spend time at home with the family. We sometimes play together or go outside or play in the snow if there's snow outside.
I think I forgot a lot. I just realized, I forgot to say, we go to church on Christmas Day. And there are presents. And sometimes we listen to Christmas music.

Eintrag von Privat…HAHAHA am 13. Dezember 2023

My grandfather has an own soccer place so we celebrated Christmas there.

Eintrag von @Ravenclaw_Hanuta am 14. Dezember 2023

Ok. It's different. What is it like?

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