Hello, The english club

Hello, The english club

Du kannst hier English lernen, schreiben und sprechen.
You can learn, write and speak english.
Viel Spaß,
good luck Biggrin

Eintrag von Zimtschnecke am 22. Februar 2021

Hello Muffin!
How are you?
That's a very good idea!

Mit besten Grüßen,
Smile Biggrin Bye

Eintrag von Olivia am 22. Februar 2021

Thank you!
I`m from England!

Eintrag von tierfreundin am 22. Februar 2021

Hey, great idea, I like speaking English!
What should we talk about?

Eintrag von Zimtschnecke am 22. Februar 2021

Hallo Tierfreundin!
I like speak English, too.

We can talk about:

- hobbys and free time
- favourite things (favourite colour, favourite animal,
favorite subjects at school...)
- ...

Can we be friends?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Smile Biggrin Bye

Eintrag von tierfreundin am 22. Februar 2021

Hey Zimtschnecke,
Yes, cool ideas!
Of course we can be friends, I wanted to ask you that too! Smile
I like the most animals, but I really like rabits, cats, dogs, turtles and polarbears, what is your favourite animal?
LG tierfreundin

Eintrag von Gast am 22. Februar 2021

I´m Gast.

Eintrag von Muffin am 23. Februar 2021

Hi, nice too meet so many people in this chat!
I´m muffin, I'm twelve from germany and I love math and english, I have a friend in england, he´s very nice and I can learn more english. (...)

Eintrag von Dream am 23. Februar 2021

Hi Muffin,
I'm Dream. I come from Austria. I find it nice that you made a chat where we can write English. How old are you? I'm 12.
Best wishes, Dream

Eintrag von Zimtschnecke am 23. Februar 2021

Hello Tierfreundin!
Thank you!
I am happy that we are friends.
Funny that we had the same idea (to ask if we can be friends). Smile

I like most animals, too! And I like dolphins, horses, cats, dogs, penguins and flamingos very much.

My favourite colours are turquoise and blue.
What are your favourite colour/s?

LG Zimtschnecke Smile Biggrin Bye

Eintrag von Sternchen am 23. Februar 2021

I want to speak English, too! But I'm 10 years old. My english is (noch) not so good. I love animals. I love cats, dogs, elefants, (Kaninchen) and all animals. I hate (Moskitos), because is not good. My favourite colour is blue. I want to be friends, too! Smile

Eintrag von Muffin am 26. Februar 2021


An Sternchen:
Ist nicht so schlimm, vielleicht können wir dir hier etwas helfen.

to Dream:
Hi, I´m 12 too, I have a friend in england and I´m from germany Crazy

Eintrag von Kleopatra am 26. Februar 2021


the chat is a very good idea! I like it! Can I cooperate with you?
I don't speak and write very good english, I only learn english in the school.

But first my profile in english:

I'm Kleopatra and I'm 12 years old. I like animals so much! My english is not so good, but my english-teacher is from england and that's sooo cool!

So now, I also want to be friends!

If you can answer me, I'm very happy! You are all very nice people! I like you!

Best regards, Kleopatra Biggrin

Eintrag von Sternchen am 26. Februar 2021

What your favorite hobbys and have you brothers or sisters? Smile I question all childs here!

Eintrag von tierfreundin am 27. Februar 2021

Hi, I am sorry that I didn t answer earlyer!

To Zimtschnecke:
Yes, I am happy too. The animals you like are also very nice!
My favourite colours are red and blue but I like turquise too.
My favourite subjects at school are music and all languages( English, French, German)
What are your favourite subjects?

Hey Muffin,
that sounds great! I would really like to have english speaking friends!

Hey Sternchen,
I would like to be your friend and I think your English is very good! When I was 10 my English was not that good I guess!
I have no brothes or sisters but I wish I had! Do you have brothers or sisters? My hobbys are reading, swimming, playing Schach, singing, dancing, languages, playing keyboard.
What are your hobbys?

Hey Kleopatra:
I speak also just in school English, but I hope my English is getting better because I love (speaking) languages!
Thank you I like you too and I would like to be your friend!

I am looking forward to your answers!

LG tierfreundin


Eintrag von Zimtschnecke am 27. Februar 2021

Hello Tierfreundin!
Thank you!
My favourite subjects at school are Art, German and English.
But music is cool too.

Eintrag von Kleopatra am 27. Februar 2021

Hello together!

To tierfreundin:
Hi tierfreundin! Thanks for your answer! Don't worry!
I love speaking languages too, but I sadly have 1 speaking language, and that's english. The other language I'm learning isn't a speaking language, it's latin. I love to learn english, it's one of my favourite subjects, but I don't love to learn latin. It's boring, it's only grammar...
Cool that you want to be my friend! I'm happy about that! Biggrin

To Sternchen:
Hello Sternchen!
My favourite hobbies are reading, do DIYs and play with friends!
What are your favourite hobbies?
I've got one big brother.
Have you got sisters or brothers?
I don't think your english is as bad as you wrote above.

Best reagards, Kleopatra Bad

Eintrag von Pfötchen am 27. Februar 2021

Ich mache duolingo auch Englisch lernen. Hello my name is Rebecca.

Eintrag von lixi am 28. Februar 2021

i can not so good speek English,
aber das ist eine super coole Idee. Dann kann ich hier auch üben, dass ich im Gymnasium in die Englisch Klasse komme.
lixi Smile Angel Biggrin Crazy Blum 3 Bye Bad

Eintrag von Booklover am 01. März 2021

Hi everybody,
i`m Booklover. I can write and speak English very well. This club is a really cool idea. I´m 11 years old and my favorite subject in school is Biology. I have two half-sisters. They`re 3 years old.
Crazy Crazy Crazy I hope we can all be friends Crazy Crazy Crazy

Eintrag von Sternchen am 01. März 2021

I have a brother. He is 13. We (streiten) sometimes! My hobbys read, play outside, play football, play inside, (malen), sport, bike, (Tischtennis), (klettern), swimming and play with my cat! Oh no! I don't say a lot of words in english! I don't know! It not so easy but I am happy! Crazy
Thanks Kleopatra becaus you say my english not bad.
Tierfreundin how old are you? Biggrin

Eintrag von Muffin am 03. März 2021

I finde, everyboody in this club speek good english! Biggrin

Eintrag von Niah am 18. März 2021

Who like animals?

Eintrag von Muffin am 18. März 2021

I like a ot of animals

Eintrag von Kleopatra am 19. März 2021

Hi Niah,

I don't like animals. I love them! My favourite animal is the squirrel (Eichhörnchen)!

Best regards, Kleopatra Biggrin

Eintrag von Niah am 20. März 2021

Hi Kleopatra and Muffin!

I love all animals, too! But not moskitos because they are dangerous. I hate them! A moskito has my mother (gestochen) and she is (fast gestorben). But she was a child!
(Damit meine ich, sie war noch ein Kind, wo es passiert ist und sie hatte Malaria und ist fast gestorben, also sie wurde oft gestochen, aber einmal war es halt richtig schlimm... Deswegen hasse ich Moskitos!)

Sorry I say words in german and not english. I don't know much words! But I (versuche es)!

And Kleopatra, I like squrirrel, too! They are sweet! My favourite animal are many animals! For example, elefants, cats, dogs, and yes spiders!

Eintrag von Kleopatra am 20. März 2021

Hey Niah and all the other people in this chat!

That doesn't sounds good. Moskitos are really very dangerous..., but that your mother almost died is really very scary! That isn't so very funny, it is exactly the opposite.

I don't like spiders, I'm afraid of them. But you're very brave! Wow! I like elefants, cats, dogs and many other animals too, but I actually love squirrels. I don't know why. Maybe because they are so cute, or because they can jump so fast from one tree to another? In any way, they are my favorite animals. Of course I like hamster and rabbits and other animals too.

Best regards Kleopatra Biggrin

Eintrag von Niah am 20. März 2021

Yes, very scary! I think squirrels are cool. I think they jump fast and they jump cool. They make nuts in the earth. But they don't find the nuts! I hope you understand. Aaahhhh my english is not so good! But next year I speak maybe good! Next year I'm in the 6. class!

Eintrag von Muffin am 22. März 2021

when you want to have a friend who speaks englisch
you can go to a language exchange... Biggrin

Eintrag von Marisa am 24. März 2021

Hi, I´m Muffin, just have another name

Eintrag von Niah am 09. Juni 2021

I want to write again! Do you (everybody) like english songs? I like english and german songs. They are cool.

Eintrag von Mimi_13 am 10. Juni 2021

Hahaha i can't very good speak english Bad

Eintrag von Niah am 16. Juni 2021

Does nobody want to answer my question with the english songs?

Eintrag von Freya_die_coole_Socke_10 am 16. Juni 2021


I´m Freya_die_coole_Socke_10. My name is Freya. My friends called me Fre-Fre or Frey-Frey. My family called me Lotte, Stinkbär and more. I´m ten years old. My birthday is on 21th in January. I live in NRW. My hobbys are handball, school, my friends, my family, scouts, school, books, reading and more. I like seitenstark!

Love Freya_die_coole_Socke_10

Eintrag von Freya_die_coole_Socke_10 am 16. Juni 2021

Ich hoffe, es ist alles richtig! (bin mir nicht sicher, wir hatten noch nicht alles von dem, was ich geschrieben habe) Wink

Eintrag von Niah am 17. Juni 2021

I think you are good, Freya! Cool! I like Seitenstark, too. I'm ten years old, too. My birthday is the 20.08.2010. My friends say Nini or Niah, because my name is Niah. I love Fußball, turnen, reading books, make pictures and play outside with my friends.

Eintrag von Maeve am 08. Oktober 2021

Hi! I like English. I talk in English quite often. My dad can speak English better than German, that's why we sometimes talk in English. He can speak German very well, but it is difficult for him and I have the feeling that he can better say what he feels in English.
I like writing in English more than talking. I think I sound terrible when speaking in English. I don't like my accent in English. When my classmates talk, they sound like people from America or England, I think, even when they make mistakes.

Eintrag von Niah am 11. November 2021

Maeve, I understand. I like English too. But when my parents speak English it's a littel bit difficult because their accent is African English (Ghana) and I don't the accent of my parents when I speak English. I hope you understand what I mean. Smile

Eintrag von Hannibal Bond 777 007 am 05. Dezember 2023

Hi Friends,
My Name is Hannah and I am 11 years old.
My birthday is on the 27.1.
My friends call me Hannah,Hanni or Hannibal.
In my family,they call me Hanuta,Hannibal,Hansi Flick and many more.
I live in Munich,Bavaria.
Er...in the near Munich.
My hobbys are Karate,reading and chatting here.
And right now it's very cold and there's a lot of snow.
I love snow,but this year it's too much snow.
I like it.
But it's tooooooo cold Blush
And at my school everything is fine. Smile
Only 1 week ago a fifth grade student (it was a girl) died at the Hospital and it's soooo sad for all teachers and other students,but esspecially for the parents,friends,family and the teachers who taught the girl. Cray 2

With love,
Your Hannah

Eintrag von anne am 10. Dezember 2023

Yes, I like a Cake and Muffins.
Muffin with chocolate.
Ich hoffe, dass es auf der Seite mehr Rezepte zum Backen gibt.

Eintrag von Crying Angel am 17. Dezember 2023

Hey can I join your chat, because I will learn more English...

Goodbye crying Angel

Eintrag von @Ravenclaw_Hanuta am 18. Dezember 2023

Hi Crying Angel,
Yes,you can.
Muffin isn't on SK anymore...
If you want,I can help you with English.
Hannah Smile

Eintrag von @Ravenclaw_Hanuta am 18. Dezember 2023

And you needn't to ask if you can join this Club.

Eintrag von Mochi95 am 18. Dezember 2023

Hi Crying Angel.
Do you ment, that you want to learn more english?
PS:Sorry, when I didn't joined the chat already.
I only have seen this chat and then I wrote this comment.
GB, Mochi95 Smile

Eintrag von Mochi95 am 18. Dezember 2023

*I ment:Sorry, when I didn't join the chat already.

Eintrag von @Ravenclaw_Hanuta am 19. Dezember 2023

Hi Crying Angel,
I made a Chat for Englisch and french couching, so you can join there too and you can ask me if you want help.

Eintrag von @Ravenclaw_Hanuta am 19. Dezember 2023

Hi Mochi95,
It's ok.
If you think, why I write yes you can blablabla, it's because I know Muffin. She is one of my friends. Smile
And muffin isn't here anymore, so she said to me, I can write as the host of this club.

Eintrag von Crying Angel am 19. Dezember 2023

No, thanks...you don't have to teach me in English. My English is better than the English of other kids at my age, because I moved already in 5 different countries...But I thought, when I write a little English in this chat, my English will be better.

Eintrag von Muffin am 20. Dezember 2023

Your English won't be better if you only write English in this chat. I have a tip for you that helped me: speak English with your friends or family regularly,then your English will be better. It really helps. Smile so try this tip. I hope it helps you. Smile

Eintrag von Crying Angel am 22. Dezember 2023

I live in Paris,that's why I speak enough English with my friends

Eintrag von Crying Angel am 09. Januar 2024

Darf ich nicht mal sagen, dass ich in Paris wohne oder was ? Das ist eine Hauptstadt!


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